• Snow Removal

  • Winters can be brutal in the Lexington area. When the precipitation starts piling up, property owners call on Classic Cut Landscape for snow plowing and sidewalk-clearing services. Let us do the heavy lifting — call today at (859) 967-6141 for a free estimate on residential and commercial snow removal.

    Commercial Snow Removal

    Snow plowing is especially important for our commercial clients who are responsible for clearing parking lots in addition to sidewalks. We typically contract with businesses throughout the area — everywhere in Lexington and surrounding cities — for a full season of snow removal, but we’re also available for one-time storm cleanup after we’ve taken care of our regular customers.

    Residential Snow Plowing

    Tired of risking life and limb to shovel at home? We also handle snow removal for homeowners, some of whom have trusted us to plow driveways and clear walks for decades. Don’t stress over missing an important appointment because you’re snowed in.

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