• Gutter Drainage & Erosion

  • Gutter Drainage & Erosion

    We will review your space to determine water diversion by proper grade and slope and guide it to parts of the yard with greater absorption abilities such as with tree roots or ivy or a natural drainage easement in your property. The use of underground drainage systems to capture water from the roof can be beneficial to some outdoor spaces. Classic Cut Landscape understands water, water movement and the power of water.

    Factors We Consider

    Water moves in mass so a lot of water in short time gets introduced to the landscape which can’t be absorbed by our Kentucky soil. It moves on top of the ground and could potentially wash away your grass or ground cover. This water comes from a higher elevation so it has a high velocity and becomes a big hose. This water and other surface water in the property are detrimental on a slope of just 10% to 15%.

    Even at this slope, soil particles dissolve and wash away through a process called erosion. At Classic Cut Landscape we know how to fix the drainage in landscape the first time. If drainage is not addressed, in three to five years, your landscape will start to depreciate. We recommend addressing water at the start of your project rather than face a potentially invasive future procedure which will most likely damage the aesthetics of your yard.

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